Red Calea

for the development of agroecology

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Consulting group for innovation and agroecological development of the rural environment

The area of Innovation, Development and Imagination impacts all of the
products and services we provide in the different areas of the company.

This lets us put into practice the values of the company and allows us who work for Red Calea achieve a greater understanding of our surroundings, think ‘outside the box’ and contribute new ideas. It also permits us to consolidate the business by introducing quality standards through effective decisión-making and managment.

Through this area, we:

  • Use established channels to exchange information between the
    different areas of the company
  • Introduce new technologies in our production processes
  • Establish new contacts with innovators in our fields
  • Provide an outlet for the creativity and imagination of our workers
  • Create, design and launch new pilot proyects in the fields of Biodiversity, Seed Saving, Agricultural Waste Treatment, Children Games Development, etc
  • Colaborate with governmental administrations, such as the Spanish National Institute of Organic Agriculture, and farming groups in the Research and Development of organic practices and plant varieties which are more adapted to organic farming methods
  • Revise current methodology in our different work areas in order to
    determine the efficiency and effectiveness of our methods and whether they are adequate to meet our objectives and goals
Development Aid
Innovation, Development and Imagination